Re: Expected tracking times *Unguided #EXOS2 #TECHNICAL

Wes Mcdonald

Well I think I got some pretty good guiding with my Meade lx200 at 2500mm FL

I used an 80 mm f5 I believe.  400mm.  Ratio 6:1.  So the answer is....great mount?  Can't say.  I had about .3 pic then too.  I didn't image though.

Not that I would recommend it but good pic with great PA and low periodic error and periodic error correction  don't require much guiding over say a 2 minute exposures.  So that is part of the answer.  Our scopes however have a lot of PE and must be guided especially at high f#.  We have seen some pretty nice iexos photos unguided for two minutes but at high field of view.  Heck with low enough f#s you can get some nice pics In alt Az .


Wes, Southport NC
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