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Chris Tardif

I am completely set up using ASCOM and here is how it’s all cabled.  I left Explore Stars behind soon after I got the mount. 


I hope this helps.


  • Powered USB hub velcro’d to the mount.
  • USB cable from the mount to the USB hub
  • Guide Camera plugged into the USB hub
  • USB Cable from camera to the hub
  • One cable from the USB hub to the PC sitting on the tray.
  • Dew heater not shown, but it plugs into the USB hub as well.
  • My current challenge is to figure out plate-solving, but that’s another thread 😊
  • I then remote control the PC from my couch while my wife watches Hand Maids Tale.


I use POTHUB and it behaves as expected. 

    • Install the ASCOM driver for the mount
    • Install ASCOM  (POTHUB lives there)
    • Then you can connect to ASCOM from APT, PHD etc.



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Thanks so very much for the detailed explanation.  I forgot about ascom being utilized by the serial port.  Just so I'm clear, I need another serial cable like the 2 provided to the dec and RA axis that come with the pmc 8 and go from the serial port on the pmc8 unit to the serial port on the laptop? To be honest I didnt even think they still had serial ports on computers haha

In regards to moving to an object, it sounds like stellarium basically does what I thought I'd be using exlorestars for in that regard, I forgot about explorestars not being ascom compliant.

I'll check and see if my Nikon D5300 is operable by USB through BYN but in sure someone had told me a while back that it is.

Sounds like the larger the guidescope aperture and Lowe the ratio the better.  One of my calculations got me down to 1:2.99 so that may at least be a good starting point.

So my routing would actually look more like this,  guide camera via USB to PC, imaging camera to PC via USB, serial cable from ascom port on pmc8 to serial port on PC.  Then use stellaroun  instead of explorestars to move scope to objects, BYN for camera control, and PHD2 will talk to the mount via ascom.

Another quick question, if I'm using ascom, am I still required to use wifi from pmc8 to PC?

I've heard of POTH hub before but last night night I was looking for info on it and have no idea what it is.  Is there any good documentation out there that can give an overview on what it is and how to use it?

I really appreciate the help.  I know this is going to be a steep learning curve so I'm arming myself to the teeth with the knowledge and programs and then once I ahve my guidescope, I'm going to do some dry runs inside to make sure everything talks to one another and then go outside and try and make things happen.

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