Re: Expected tracking times *Unguided #EXOS2 #TECHNICAL


Thanks Bob and Wes.   Big 10-4 on the no wifi. 
I guess I could use the wifi to connect to my home network and remotely control the PC from inside so that's a plus.

I'm going to do the same and use a powered USB 3.0 hub even though everything is usb 2.0

I forgot that stellarium probably needs wifi to sync to my location and time.  

Wes, I actually have but not on this mount yet.  I was using a manual altaz mount and did M42 this past winter.  I achieved focus by using the stars around the object and it worked great.

I dont have a bahnitov mask or anything else at this time so I'm probably going to do the same as I did before.
Slew to the object, find a star or 2 to focus on and go from there.  Downside of using a dslr I guess. I've seen alot of people rotate the scope so the camera is attached underneath at the 6 o clock position but I havent tried that either.

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