Re: New Video on How To Install and Configure the ASCOM Driver for the iEXOS 100 Mount #ExploreScientific #iEXOS-100 #TECHNICAL


Are you saying that when trying to use ASCOM to connect to the mount, you push the 'Connect Scope' button on POTH, the green light comes on, and then...nothing?
What happens if you push the button again another couple of times?
Typical behavior on my laptop, connecting via POTH is: 
- push #1, as you describe 
- push #2, another dud 
- push #3, connection achieved !  
Others have reported the same behavior, although I don't believe that everyone has that problem.
My suspicion is that it has more to do with the FTDI serial-to-USB driver getting its connection going, than with the ASCOM driver, but as I doubted it was something I'd be able to do anything about, I haven't dug further.  I just push three times and I'm good to go - normal behavior for my setup.
- Bob
Mounts: ES PMC-8 EXOS2
Scopes: SV 102EDT, ZWO 60/280 Guide
Cameras:  Nikon D5300, Altair GPCAM2-IMX224C
Software: ASCOM, CdC, AstroTortilla, BYN Pro, Sharpcap, PHD2
Computer:  Thinkpad x230, Win7Pro/64

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