Re: New Video on How To Install and Configure the ASCOM Driver for the iEXOS 100 Mount #ExploreScientific #iEXOS-100 #TECHNICAL

Paul Jenkins <urbanastronomer60@...>

Hi Guys,
First of all im not using a usb/serial connection. Its just wi fi as described in the lates video posted about connection the mount via ascom wireless driver.
The green  light on the mount comes on for about 10 seconds after pressing the connect button then goes off and the ascom freezes . No connection
Any ideas
Thank you

On 19 Jun 2019, at 13:57, Wes Mcdonald <wesmcd6@...> wrote:

I haven't noticed the three and go.  But I have noticed something like that with the configuration manager.  Seems likely Bob is correct that such a problem most likely derived from the serial connection. 

As for the green light coming on then going out....try using the poth simulator instead of the mount.  See if it tanks too.  If it does isn't the PMC8 driver.  If it doesn't....?


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