Re: New Video on How To Install and Configure the ASCOM Driver for the iEXOS 100 Mount #ExploreScientific #iEXOS-100 #TECHNICAL

Wes Mcdonald


Typos I believe:

"When I connect using POTH" -- right?
"I don't get any info like RA Dec on POTH --- right?

Dongle use.  Three times in and out.  That moved your wifi from default 8 to default 11.  This is where you should stay.  * is not a good place to be, as it incurs interference from foth channel 6 and 11.

You can run WiFiExplorer Lite on your PC to see how the Wifi environment looks.  But if your Explorestars is working you are good.  BTW you need to use the Configuration manager to set the ASCOM connection method to TCP for the IEXOS100.  I think.  Just push the button that looks right and it will tell you if it is.



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