Exos 2 pmc 8 goto precision issue #EXOS2


Hi, I’m working on making my EXOS-II with PMC-8 mount to more precisely point on objects when using ExploreStars on Windows.
My best result so far is around 1.5 degrees off the target – that is in the FOV of mine 9x50 finderscope. I’m able to recenter if target is a bright objects, but on faint objects it’s getting much more challenging.

I looking for some advises on how to improve my GO-TO pointing precision.
I do level my mount and do precise polar alignment using Polemaster before doing 2 or 3 star alignment.
I did verify RA/DEC alignment – seems like DEC alignment is in sync with marks on the mount, but RA was a little bit off and I had to remark it.

Interesting pattern, when doing 2-3 star alignment, goto on object after 2-3 star alignment, or just goto to object like planet before 2-3 star alignment – telescope is always get pointed about 1.5 degree to the right of a target.
It's almost like alignment does not add any accuracy to goto,




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