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Marc West


I don’t understand why you are getting so defensive and rude if he does what it says?

As a customer all I want to do is get it working.

All I get is jarring and ticking sounds.

The inststructions on the website, keep referring to other organizations to get it to work.

You go round and round in circle and after 2 years I am very frustrated with the lack of support when purchasing a very expensive item.

Regards Marc

On Jul 8, 2019, at 6:06 AM, Jerry Hubbell - Explore Scientific VP Engineering <jrh@...> wrote:


The system does exactly what we say. There is no ambiguity in the statements in our marketing materials, documentation, knowledge base, or anything I have said on this forum. Your continued insinuation that we have not provided a product that does what we say it does, and that we do not provide instructions for customers is not consistent with our hundreds of customer's experience.

I have posted links to all our information and instructions, it is up to you whether you wish to utilize those instructions or not. I am not going to allow this repeated insinuation that our equipment does not do as we say. I have been more than patient in pointing out where our instructions are. I am sorry you cannot follow our instructions as hundreds of our other PMC-Eight have successfully done. I would suggest that if you need further help, please contact our customer support group at +1 (866) 252-3811 ext 2.
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