Re: IEXOS-100 with prototype polar scope unguided images #iEXOS-100

brian skinner

Hi chaps, some advice from you experienced DSLR astro photographers if possible please....
I am using a Cannon EOS1300D DSLR on my IEXOS 100 mount. The camera I picked up second hand and it came with a very wide angle lens, which is great for panoramic sky shots. I would like to know the type of lens I need for more concentrated individual object shots such as star clusters, planets and deep sky objects.
Any advise would be appreciated.
If it helps my present lens is a fixed F3.5 lens with limited zoom capability.

Kind regards, Brian 

On Wed, 12 Jun 2019 05:02 Craig Bobchin, <cbobchin@...> wrote:
I've been testing the IEXOS with a proptype polar scope and had a chance a couple of weekends ago to take it some dark skies in Northern AZ. 

These are both single unguided 60 sec exposures. 
Pentax K-1
Pentax FA* 300mm f/4.5 @ f/4.5
ISO 3200

Rho Ophiucus area

North American Nebula (Off Center a bit)

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