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Chris Tardif

Hi ya...that was me with the ES 102mm FCD-100....I am using a small guide scope, dlsr and I am way (way) over the weight capacity.  It holds up like a champ, but my success should not be the standard I think.  I am probably an outlier.  I chose the 102 in anticipation of getting a “forever mount”.


Still, I shot 3 minute guided images of the pinwheel I posted yesterday.  I also shoot from a deck, but it was built last year so it’s pretty stable.  I did find that any time I was on the deck while the shutter was open that was a frame lost.  I control all of it from my study once it’s set up.





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I am going to skip the Polemaster, with the thought to using the guidescope & Sharpcap to align. I will also be getting the ASIAIR, but the intention of that use is farther away. So far now it would just be scope + guide + DSLR. I would prefer to start with the iExos-100 (cost reasons), and if I really enjoy this to move up eventually to a larger mount after I get a chance to learn a few things.

My question is, with the iExos-100 with 7.6lb equipment weight, using an ED80 triplet (480fl + 280 guidescope fl), can I expect decent results shooting Andromeda? What should my realistic expectations be? I have seen some using much larger scopes like ED102s (forgot where I saw this).

I was just about to start ordering this morning, but holding off to consider my options and hear opinions. I am just afraid of ending up with a bunch of blurred elongated stars like I got with my 127EQ on my wobbly deck :) (could not do exposure over 5 seconds). 

p.s. I was intending to purchase the ES field flattener & Tring to give me 55mm backfocus. Any comments on an alternative field flattener AND focal reducer that would work good with ED80 & Nikon 5300?
Mounts: Yet to decide
Scopes: Soon to buy ED80
Cameras:  Nikon D5300, Sony A6000
Msc: TBA
Software: Backyard Nikon

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