Cannot get autoguding to work at all #iEXOS-100 #TECHNICAL


I just bought the iExos 100 along with the Orion Star shoot Autoguider as my first astrophotography set up, but I am having serious issues trying to get auto guiding to work.


First I tried ASCOM. I installed all the relevant drivers both for the camera and mount and connected the mount wirelessly to my computer. The guide camera worked fine but I kept on getting an error in PHD2 saying that the "pulse command had failed" on every attempt at a guide pulse. This also occurred when I tried manual pulses in the settings. I tried the general troubleshooting tips on the PHD2 website but none of them worked.


I gave up on ASCOM and tried to see if I could get guiding to work on ST4. Unfortunately during the calibration the star stayed completely still and PHD said that it had failed to calibrate because the star had moved too little. I tried to see if the manual pulses were working, and I could hear the gears move in north/south (and see the stars move in the FOV), but east/west pulses did nothing. In all cases the guide camera's light showed that it had received the pulses.


I managed to successfully connect the Explorestars app and control the telescope from there no problem, so I don't think it's hardware that's the issue.


For my attempts at ASCOM I used the latest Win 10, for the ST4 I tried both Mac OS 10.14.5 and Win 10, all to no avail.


I'm honestly a little lost as this is my first attempt at auto guiding and I don't really know what do now :(

I've attached the relevant logs for both the ASCOM and ST4


Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

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