Re: Cannot get autoguding to work at all #iEXOS-100 #TECHNICAL

Wes Mcdonald


A few things.

Did you run a calibration?  You need to.  Do thus each time you setup for guiding via pulse method and before every object using ST4

Orient your guide camera so the image sensor is parallel to the earth when the telescope is at home position.   Seems to help

In the ascom driver check the min pulse time.  It probably does not.mattet but set it low like 100 Ms

Check in the driver the guide rate.  It should be something between .7 and 1

We all have noted PhD sometimes says it can't move enough in DEC.  It will probably complain during calibration.  But in the end it seems to work anyway

My experience is with exos2.  Should apply to iexos pretty well

Final thing is you may need to adjust the Dec backlash


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