Re: Any interest in a 3d mouse for mount control?

Jeremy Parker

Hi Chris,

I'd definitely be interested in this concept. It would be great if it could somehow access POTH, so that it could be used alongside my current software setup. I always liked the ExploreStars motion controls, with the variable speed and ramping up/down when starting and stopping movements, but I don't really use ExploreStars anymore. POTH motion control is tiny on the screen just clunks on/off at whatever speed you select. If you were able to emulate smooth scope control from a physical device like the 3D mouse, that would be fantastic!

As an aside, I may be trying to set up my rig for visual use by using SGP to run plate-solving on my guidescope, and slew and center on targets, just like I was imaging but using my diagonal/eyepieces on the main scope. All my imaging targets are already loaded in SGP, so it would be nice to tour them visually sometimes. So having a 3D mouse control would give me a physical hand controller-like experience if I wanted to move the scope around while viewing. Anyway, sounds like a great idea to me.


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