Re: Reminder - PMC Configuration utility WARNING - FIXED

Eric Harant

Thanks for the advice.
I already do that several times with success.
I just want to try this function of PMC Conf Manager.
My message was just to notify a bug and warn users that there is a risk of loosing precious photos.
For me it was no a issue because I use this folder for temporary pictures that I save later (and forget to remove)
A big cleanup !
Will not try to recover them.

Best regards
Nargis (45) France.

57 years old, Computer science engineer.
Some skills in sofware development (Windows / Unix)
Canon EOS 10D, 40D, 600D 1300D, EOS-R. + several lenses.
ToupTek IMX 294 cooled camera.
BRESSER Messier AR-102xs/460, Bresser Messier AR-152S/760
Orion 80ED.
Meade LX200 GPS 10"
Old Losmandy G11.
SvBony 60mm x 240mm guide scope.

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