Ten minute subs with an EXOS2 PMC8! #EXOS2 #astrophotography



I decided to try a dual-band filter to see if I could get better results on nebulas from my light-polluted back yard.  I wanted to pick one that would provide improvement without being super-specialized.  Definitely helps.  The shot below is a 200% blowup/crop of the Western Veil (NGC 6960) that I took last night (well...this morning...:-) with an Optolong CLS-CCD filter. 
I knew that with this filter, I should try to take longer exposures - but how long?
I'd done some tests before and knew that if I did my part, the mount was capable of doing much longer exposures than I had been using, so...
Note the file and camera info in the upper left hand corner.  600 seconds - 10 Minutes!  
Note the stars... they're round - at 200%.  
I have 14 of these to process, and we'll see how that goes - but pretty happy with the data capture from last night.  I also did a 300s test shot while deciding what length to run with.  The stars in that one are a bit tighter, the nebulosity's fainter but still visible, and the teal-colored sky is less pronounced. I may try a session like that as well at some point, but for last night, well... 10 minutes was such a nice round number :-)
- Bob

Mounts: ES PMC-8 EXOS2
Scopes: SV 102EDT, ZWO 60/280 Guide
Cameras:  Nikon D5300, Altair GPCAM2-IMX224C
Software: ASCOM, CdC, AstroTortilla, BYN Pro, Sharpcap, PHD2
Computer:  Thinkpad x230, Win7Pro/64

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