Re: Polar Alignment #EXOS2 #polaralignment #ExploreStars

Joe Izen

Jerry, Wes,
Thanks for listening and working to created a polar alignment. I understand you had plate-solving, computer driven astrophotographers in mind and eventually I expect to be one. For now, it would be very helpful to have a polar alignment routine as I work myself up the astrophotography technology ladder.

The main reason I purchased my iExos-100 was to have a mount small enough to throw into a suitcase to chase solar eclipses.  As the polar alignment routine, evolves, please consider a usage example where an iExos-100  is set up in day time for use on the Sun. It would be extremely helpful to be able to do some sort of polar alignment during the daytime when the only object visible is the Sun. It's probably safe to assume that most users have a smartphone or table with an electronic compass.  November 11 is just around the corner, and I suspect the community would make great use of a daytime polar alignment for the Mercury transit.


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