Problems conducting pier flip with G-11 #G11

JI THERIOT <ji.theriot@...>

Good afternoon,
Hopefully someone can help me figure out what is going on with my G-11 these last few nights.  I have been imaging with my G-11 using Sequence Generator Pro for about a year and a half now.  these last three consecutive nights I have experienced issues that I have seen in the past but they were somewhat rare and very random.

The last three nights when my mount attempted to conduct a pier flip while imaging is completely loses track of where it's at and slews off in a direction other than where it's supposed to go.  I have woken up these last three mornings to find my sequence has been aborted and the scope is pointing basically straight up and parked.  It is almost like it loses track of where it is somewhere in the slew and then just proceeds to slew off into a random direction. 

Keep in mind that this is my second target of the night, so it gets through the first target and pier flip just fine, repositions for the second target and than tracks until it is time to flip and then just goes crazy.  I've lost about 12 hours of valuable imaging time at this point.  I don't know if it is a driver issue or what.  Like I said I have experienced this before, but never on three consecutive nights at the same time each night.

I have the newest firmware installed and I have triple checked my SGP settings to ensure that they are correct.  I'm at a loss on this one.


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