Re: Problems conducting pier flip with G-11 #G11

JI THERIOT <ji.theriot@...>

No worries. These threads are started to try to solve issues, hopefully yours get figured out as well.

I wanted to update everyone on my issue.  Unfortunately, Thursday night clouds rolled in before my scheduled meridian flip. Last night however was perfect and I was able to run my entire program and stay up to watch it.  On Thursday night I had identified a possible contact point between my OAG guide camera and where my USB bus was attached to the mount.  I moved the bus to the leg of the mount while I was setting up last night. I also increased the plate solve search regions in SGP to “Max Regions”.

Anyways, the program ran though last night with no issues.  I think I am pretty certain now that there was some contact between the OAG and some part of the mount which  was causing a loss of steps...enough that the mount was not getting close enough to the target to be located during the plate solve process.  Thanks for the help in trying to resolve this issue.


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