New User setting up to use laptop for the first time.


Good day, all. Please forgive a new user for ignorance.

  I bought the EXOS-2 PMC-8 mount back a couple months ago and my rude daughter decided to get married (next week) so that filled in all my time when I could've been learning ;)

I am wondering if there is a good set of instructions that can take me from my humble beginnings with Explore Stars to a more robust setup of  Cartes du Ciel on my laptop. Currently, I am not going to be guiding But I hope to fairly soon. I just want to make sure that I can control the mount and have anything I may need installed and hooked up in the correct order.

Also, I do not know if there are any updates that I may need since I have had it for a couple months.

Thanks for any learning you can bestow upon me and clear skys to all.

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