Re: My imaging train hits my tripod #astrophotography

Wes Mcdonald


There are no limits applied by the ASCOM driver.  Not sure but CdC might have meridian flip adjustment times.  Nina does have meridian flip control.  

If your gear hit the tripod the best remedy is to rearrange the gear..  Or to figure out a pier extension.  Currently there isn't one sold by ES, although others have made them.

The mount should not be damaged by stalling against the hardware.  The motors are current limited by the driver electronics.  The motors, as I have had it explained to me, don't really know they are stalled.  They just try to move with the torque they have at the set current limit.  Makes a terrible noise though.

For interference, the best remedy for now, is planning.  And BTW, no shame.  We have all been there.


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