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Steve Siedentop

Hi Scott -

Painful experience has taught me to have my imaging camera/cooler, computer, and dew heaters on one power source and the mount on another.  The product you referenced has a capacity of 27 amp hours, but they’re not clear how they calculated that.  I’m betting that’s 27 amp hours at 5 volts rather than 12.

The Explore Scientific Power Bank will run my PMC-8 G-11 for about 7 hours, which is long enough for most of my imaging sessions.  For the rest of my gear, I built a battery box for a 100 amp hour Group 31 deep cycle battery.  They’re cheap when you consider the capacity you’re getting, but they’re fairly heavy.

I would recommend you avoid using an inverter to run your gear off of an ac power supply.  Everything we typically use runs off of dc.  Converting dc (your battery) to ac using an inverter and converting it back to dc using a wall wart or other power supply is a waste of energy.  You’ll even find dc chargers, sometimes called car chargers, for your laptop on Amazon.  Go with the PWR brand if you go that route.  They’ve never let me down.

If you’re the DIY type, I’ll be happy to send you plans and a parts list for the battery box I built.  It’s not hard and you’ll be able to put it together in an afternoon.  You’ll end up with a finished product that meets your needs better than anything you could buy.


On Sat, Nov 9, 2019 at 12:43 PM Scott - Moron Astronomer <allstar@...> wrote:

I'm looking at this external power source and was wondering if you think it would work fine as an external power source. I'm not an electrical engineer so I don't know what to look for. I'm thinking this would work fine, but just want to double check. I know Explore Scientific has an external battery pack, but I like that this one has other charging ports as well.

Thanks for any help,

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