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Mark Christensen



If you want to see some off-the-shelf (kits or finished) of battery boxes with meters, connectors, power converters, and so on just search on “Trolling Power Center” in Amazon. If nothing else the results will give you an idea of what people are talking about and what such gadgets should cost outside of the astro-market.


Like Wes, if I was building mine today I would use power poles instead of cigarette power plugs.


You can build or buy one of these along with a deep-cycle battery (mine has lasted over 8 years) for about the same as a 17AmpHr “power tank”, esp. this time of year when marine batteries are often on sale (at least up here in the frigid north). And when the battery does go bad it will be trivial to replace it. Some of the astro-market-specific  Power Tanks are really a pain to take apart – Google on “Replacing Power Tank Battery”. Lots of screws and connectors.


They fail because of the cheap chargers often supplied with them can cook the battery, by the way. If you read their instructions you’ll see the warning. The solution is to get a good charger that goes into float mode. Cheap insurance.




Mark Christensen

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