Re: External Power #starparty #EXOS2 #TECHNICAL

Mike Leemhuis

I have been reading everyone's battery suggestions and I thought I would add a bit of data to the mix.

I installed a power meter on my PMC-8 Exos2 so that I could see my total current draw from 12 volts.  I am powering 2 heater strips, the PMC-8 box, my TEC camera (QHY163c) and a guide camera (QHY5L-ii).  The current draw is 3.5 amps maximum with 100% TEC power applied.  When I turn off TEC cooling my current draw is 1.6A.  Obviously, TEC cooling takes a lot of power!  The two heater strips are using 0.7A.  So to power my rig for say 6 hours it would take a 6*3.5 = 21 A hr.  Without TEC it would be 6*1.6 or 10A hr.  Hopefully this will give you some ballpark numbers to use when choosing a battery size.

Hope this helps,

Mount: Explore Scientific Exos-2
Scope: Explore Scientific ED102CF
Camera: QHY163C
Filter: Optolong L-eNhance 2" for nebula pictures
Software: ASCOM, PHD2, CDC, Sharpcap Pro
Computer:  Dell desktop XPS
Extras:  Lots of 3D printed parts I designed to improve usability

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