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Jerry Hubbell - Explore Scientific VP Engineering

One of the frustrating things about the telescope business is that the industry has to turn on a dime and support a great influx of customers when a significant astronomical event occurs. If you can imagine ramping up a sales rate from several thousand customers to millions of customers in a few short months, then you can understand the problem. Explore Scientific ran into this issue in 2017 when early in the year we decided to support the upcoming Great American Eclipse in August 2017 by selling eclipse glasses.

We ramped up production of our eclipse glasses that were shipped to our headquarters and we enlisted a large team of local volunteers to help package the hundreds of thousands of orders up until the last day before the eclipse. We bought and sold 4 million eclipse glasses if you can imagine. As you can expect, we fell behind as our ordering system buckled under the sheer number of orders. The problem became very acute in the last 2 weeks of the sales as we couldn't keep up with our sales numbers and we basically oversold the number of glasses we had and could ship on time. 

You can imagine customers that ordered online the last couple of weeks when we thought we had glasses left to sell and we found the last week that we had actually oversold and we had no more glasses. The customers became pretty upset and there were hundreds that let us know via our customer support lines, Facebook, and our website. There were a lot of customers that contacted the Better Business Bureau in Arkansas and 19 filed reports against us. This was a low point in our business as our intention was to satisfy all our customers but it wasn't to be. What was even worse is that we had hundreds of customers cancel their order even though their order had been shipped the week before, and they received it in the days after the eclipse.

After the Better Business Bureau contacted us we explained the situation and what we were doing to try to make it right. We made a full-court press to contact all our customers who were negatively affected and spared no expense to try and correct it. After a few months, the BBB saw how we responded and posted a message from president Scott Roberts and decided that although we failed those last few customers we also made a huge effort to make it right and awarded Explore Scientific the Torch Award for Ethics. ( This was a very pleasant surprise and helped us to shake off the experience a little easier knowing that we did our best to make things right.

Unfortunately, our reviews on the BBB website ( are very negative and we currently have 1.5 stars out of 5 as a business.  I come to you, our PMC-Eight customers to ask you a favor to go to the BBB website and submit your own opinion of our company and how we do business. The current rating is based on the experience customers had in August 2017. We would like to see more current opinions on the BBB website. You can also see Scott's message on the BBB page linked above.

If you decide to place your opinion of our company on the BBB website, we would be very grateful and thank you for your time.

Jerry Hubbell
Vice President of Engineering

Explore Scientific, LLC.
jrh at
1010 S. 48th Street
Springdale, AR 72762

Author: Scientific Astrophotography: How Amateurs Can Generate and Use Professional Imaging Data
             Remote Observatories for Amateur Astronomers: Using High-Powered Telescopes From Home

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