Re: My best < Your worst - Why doesn't anything work?

Gord Farmer

I’ve had my exos2 PMC8 since March .
Still learning , having a blast.
For me it’s trial and error and help from friends who know more than I 
  I like the challenge .

Hang in there we will both get there .

On Nov 23, 2019, at 10:45 AM, Burks21 <nygburks2121@...> wrote:

I've had my iExos-100 for nearly 1.5 months and I've yet to taken any better photos than what I was doing by lying the camera on a picnic table and aiming it. Yes, it's that bad. 

1. I decided to get a Amazon Fire 8HD so that I don't have to keep switching programs from APT (because that is working SO well for me, Plate solving? ERROR) and ExploreStars. Guess what? Explorestars is useless on my tablet, works fine on my laptop. I've factory reset the tablet, updated it, used my mother-in-laws, transferred the database to every folder possible (zipped and unzipped, because I can), and so forth. I can move my mount, that's it. No database. No GoTo. Nothing. Ideas? Error is "Could not open database file: /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com-blahblahblah

2. I'm assuming my polar alignment is causing my inability to take more than a 2.5 sec exposure without star trails? Even last night I had Polaris dead center in my polar alignment hole, couldn't track worth a crap. Set the speed from 1 to 100 going in increments of 5. Just....yeah....I did a better job manually adjusting the mount every couple photos. I don't expect dead nut accuracy but wow. 

3. 100+ photos last night with a Canon T3 and 75-300mm lens. This was the best I got. Can you sense my frustration? I've read articles, I've watched videos, I've swore more than a sailor with syphilis. Someone pops out their iPhone and takes a photo 10x better than this, or whatever that Chinese company is that begins with a H. 


Basically, I'm lost, frustrated, and just looking at anything related to the sky just makes my blood boil at this point. 

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