Questions on my new PMC-8 #EXOS2


I'm a new owner of an Exos 2gt PMC-8.  I'm very excited and plan to use it with my Lunt 60mm Solar Scope and an Edge HD8.  This is to replace a Celestron Advanced VX that I've had issues with.  I'm realizing I can't balance the Lunt scope with the included counterweights as they're too heavy.  Is there a recommended smaller one I could purchase?  I think about a 5 pound one would work.  

Also, I have the ExploreStars app installed, and I guess the only way to set the tracking from Sidreal to Solar is to actually type in the rate number into the preferences, and not simply selecting it somewhere?

One more question.. I see you can use Sky Safari now.  Do I need Sky Safari 6 plus at the least, or can I use Sky Safari 5?  I already have Sky Safari 5.

It's a beautiful mount and I cant wait to get it outside after it stops raining here!

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