Re: Questions on my new PMC-8 #EXOS2

Wes Mcdonald

Andrea B:

1.  SkySafari.  Where did you see that?  I was not aware SF supported the 
pmc8 natively.  I have posted the method for using SkySafari so long as you are using ASCOM wired connection to the mount.  What you do in that case is load WiFiScope onto your PC.  It connects via Poth to the mount.  You load SF on your iPhone or Android.  I believe you need the Pro version to include telescope control.  I have 6+pro on my iphone, and I think that is needed.  I don't believe 5 has what you need.  

As the PC is connected to the mount via serial cable, the PC can be attached to a LAN router.  Make sure the wireless phone is also connected to that router...suggest you use the device in airplane mode to prevent broadband confusion.  You will setup the SF telescope control per the instructions in WiFiScope.  Basically you select the scope to be a Meade Classic (right, that's just how they did it) and make sure the IP Port number is correct for WiFiScope.

I am assuming you are familiar with ASCOM etc, and this makes sense to you.  If not we can discuss further.

What the SkySafari does is send commands to the WiFiScope that are correct for a direct connection a Meade scope using the Meade classic command set.  WiFiScope serves as an intermediary which translates the Meade commands into ASCOM compliant method calls through POTH.  POTH then will send these through to the ES ASCOM driver.  It all works swimmingly well.  You can also run Stellarium on the PC in concert with SF on the phone and use which ever you need at the time.  Search the forum for how to setup Stellarium.  If you can't find it, we can discuss.

As for the rate, i believe that is correct.  Jerry published the corresponding values for the rates and i believe they are in the PMC8 Programmers Reference Manual.  Seems to me the Solar rate was something like 45.  What version of Explorestars are you using?  I don't believe any of them set the rates to solar for you.


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