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Wes Mcdonald

I tried out SkySafari.  It is great for going to the comets and other objects it has.  Will send the mount right to them....but it does not update the mount apparently.  So the mount begins to diverge from the object with rate depending on it's proper motion.  Pan stars moves very slowly away from the mount pointing.  Pressing go-to again in SkySafari updates the mount and puts things back, but they begin to move away again.

I doubt stellarium will do any better.  There might be an ascom app out there that would implement a series of pointing instructions to the mount.  I don't know if the PMC 8 can be told to follow a trajectory of velocity in Ra/dec, if that is even a thing in ascom language.  

Anyhow you can definitely use SkySafari to get on these objects and maybe use PhD to boot you along if the object is visible in the guide scope and has a centroid. Pretty sure my 80mm could be used to guide brighter comets but I don't have it fixtured on the mount....don't know if my 60mm guide scope could.


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