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Hello all, newbie here. I have been using my iexos-100 Mount for about a month now, along with the ES AR102 scope and still have issues with locking onto the actual target. I have to manually slew to my target to get it into my camera display. Also, I have star trails after 30 sec exposure. I perform a rough polar alignment, then do a 2 star alignment. Could my issues be caused by not getting the stars directly in my display during my alignment? It's hard for me to tell if they are exactly in my display since I live in light polluted area. I'm thinking I need to get a polar alignment scope and use sharp cap or pole master. Also, I know my site is too heavy for the Mount, I am hoping to trade it in for the EXOS2-GT(Hopefully Jerry sees this haha) I love the scope and Mount, just wish I had known more to pair the scope the the Mount. Any input would be much appreciated.!
Here is my first attempt at capturing Andromeda.

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