Re: IEXOS-100 / camera at the counter wight bar?

Mirko Gude

Hi Marco,

maybe I’am wrong, but as far as I know is the max payload 7kg. And I hope with the camera at the counterweight bar, I don’t need an additional counterweight.

So, no suggestions for a camera adapter?

Thanks and best regards,

Am 12.01.2020 um 23:27 schrieb Marco <astromac@...>:

Hi Mirko,

when I´m counting correct, the maximum payload for the IEXOS-100 mount (which I use myself) ist 4,8kg for astrophotography (6,8kg at all - 2kg counterweights).
So with 6kg + 2kg counterweight you´re a bit overloaded... in theory.
Maybe you give it a try and report if it works?
I assume there are other people here which have already done this and can give you some hints.


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