ExploreStars 2 or 3 Star Alignment. #iEXOS-100 #ExploreStars #alignment

Derrell Oliver

Hey Guys,
Is there a way to select your own stars when doing alignments ?
Where I live trees block the view to the west and north west and the stars that come up on the app for me to choose from are too low to see,  for instance last night the stars from Cygnus and Lacerta were the ones in the west north west that were coming up for me to choose from. Is there a way for me to pick more visible stars that are higher up in the sky to align to ?
Derrell Oliver

Meade Infinity ST80 with Lunt Solar dual speed crayford focuser.
Meade Polaris 90 with GSO dual speed crayford focuser.
Meade Polaris 130 with ScopeStuff 1.25 crayford focuser, flocked tube and center spotted mirror.
GSO 8x50 RACI finder scope.
ZWO ASI120mc-s, Canon XSi 450d.
EQ2 Mount with Orion EQ-2M RA Drive.
AZ3 Alt-Azimuth Mount.

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