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FishWithFeet <jeff.paules@...>

Yes, unguided.

I too would recommend the Azimuth adapter.

Full disclosure, I have had the iEXOS-100 roughly 1 week, and with the intermittent clear skies I have been chasing rookie mistakes and have no image to show yet.

My biggest error was leaving my lenses image stabilization on.  So, I could watch my target stay rock solid in liveview, but as soon as I would take a shot I'd get hook shaped star trails with any exposure I over 1/3rd sec.  I'd then park the scope open sharpcap and confirm excellent alignment.  

Solved my user error issue in a different discussion this past Thurs. This was proven by taking daytime photos with the same settings on the mount.  One with stabilization on one off.  Stabilization on resulted in a blurry image, off sharp image.  I get a new clearsky attempt tomorrow.

I'm pretty confident that I will get good images then, because when I would go to to BackyardNikons Drift and Align feature, I could watch my target not budge on the reticle for over 5mins trying to solve my issue.

At 150mm the Sigma is f5.6, so,if the OP's scope is of the same speed same settings should work.

On Sat, Feb 1, 2020 at 11:50 AM Robert Hoskin <devonshire@...> wrote:
Ahhh... A Sigma and 150-200mm, 1/3s shots!  No wonder you're getting along better.  Are you working unguided? 
My D5300 + scope were at 621mm and my PA exposures had to go out to about 15s with that combination (trudge, trudge).   
So I had both the slow exposure rate and the folder setup/teardown time - just didn't make sense vs the faster guidescope w/ its camera.
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