Re: Polar alignment through main scope #iEXOS-100 #alignment #sharpcap

Skull HQX

On Sat, Feb 1, 2020 at 06:09 PM, FishWithFeet wrote:
At 150mm the Sigma is f5.6, so,if the OP's scope is of the same speed same settings should work.
Unfortunately his Astro Tech AT60ED + ZWO ASI 120MC-S combination provides far too little field of view to do PA using SharpCap. 
Alternately, if he uses his Nikon D5600 with the AT60ED the field of view would be 3.74 x 2.49 degrees, which seems too large for SharpCap to use.

But this is all getting a bit far from PMC-Eight related topics. ;)

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