Re: Amazon Fire 8HD #EXOS2

Wes Mcdonald


Why does the PMC8 wifi drop?

There are two thoughts on this.  

1.  Interference.  This might be true, and certainly could be the reason sometimes.  But experience it is not the only cause.  I used to drop in a wide open channel.  One issue is the PMC8 I'd shipped with the wifi channel not centered on the usual channels.  Thus would lead to sideband interference from adjacent channels.  So I would advise you to use your wifi dongle and increment the channel to one of the main ones.  Use channel 1, 6, or 11.  

2.  Hardware/firmware issue in the wifi chip that leads to it loosing the udp port number.  When this happens the mount will respond to commands from explorestars but the display of mount data in the app will not update.  This is often addressable by using the restore comms function in the settings section of the app.  In my experience this does sometimes work but you may have to shut down the mount and app and restart to get going again.

That issue is just one reason to use the mount with ascom and a wired connection.


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