Re: Question on Explore Scientific EXOS2-GT Equatorial Mount with PMC-Eight GoTo System

Clendon Gibson

I believe some of the confusion is that most mounts simply have a weight limit and that the rule of thumb is that 1/2 the weight limit is good for astro. The EXOS2 distinguishes in its literature between an astro weight limit and a visual weight limit. If you don't know that and take the astro weight limit and then 1/2 it or 1/3 it...

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Welcome, Kevin!
I doubt that anybody who had ever actually used one would say that, but there's lots of advice (say... on CloudyNights?) that fits a formula.  If someone comes along asking for advice, the person advising will go with what they think is, in their experience, the safest choice.  And if the OP comes back with "ok, but...", then they'll try to layer their perception of safety on top of that consideration.
Basically, I think most of the advisors on CN are simply playing it safe regarding a mount they are unfamiliar with.  And they may also be considering that a significant fraction of folks posting will think of their mount as a black box that either works or doesn't, and are unwilling to pick up a hex wrench, crack a cover, and make a needed adjustment.
The EXOS2 PMC8 is basically the LXD75, upgraded with decent ball bearings on all axes, powered by a belt drive with few moving parts and decent motors, and a very robust controller.  Mechanical adjustments are easy to do.  
My setup is midsize for here, about 13.5lbs of refractor, guidestuff and DSLR.  Some of the members are using larger payloads, some smaller.  If I do my part (adjustments, balance, etc.), and the weather cooperates, I can track round stars for as long as I need (guided), as can lots of others here.
What scope/imaging payload are you planning to use? 
- Bob
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