Re: Data base is on SD card but will not load onto the application #ExploreStars #Android


Oops! So, you use Windows just to install the database for an Android device - then follow Kent and Jerry, I am terribly sorry!

4. 2. 2020 v 15:37, Pavel via Groups.Io <>:

Hi, that’s the common confusion of multiplatformity I am also forgetting all the time: the use of a SD card is specific to Android devices. If you use a Windows computer, the correct location for the database is (said to be) your „Pictures” folder (please, correct me if I am wrong, I am not using Windows myself).

Best regards,

4. 2. 2020 v 4:59, John Pirrone via Groups.Io <>:

I used my windows 10 laptop to load the explore stars database onto my Micro SD card. Installed it into my Lenovo Smart Tab M10. I can open ES and can move the mount but none of the database objects are in the app. When I open it an error message comes up that says Could not open database file and a bunch of other stuff but I can't read all of it because it disappears too quickly.
I can find the SD card on my tablet in the storage and I can open it and see the photos, alignment stars, etc. but it will not show up in the Explore stars app.
Driving me nuts!

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