Re: Question on Explore Scientific EXOS2-GT Equatorial Mount with PMC-Eight GoTo System

charles mckowen

I’m packing around 18lbs doing Astro and having no problems. Sharp images and smooth tracking 

On Feb 3, 2020, at 3:16 PM, Kevin Rea <reakevinscott@...> wrote:

Hi guys,

I have just purchased the “Explore Scientific EXOS2-GT Equatorial Mount with PMC-Eight GoTo System” mount.

I was wondering why other telescope users in astrophotography are telling me that this mount is only capable of

Carrying 10 pounds of weight when doing astrophotography, when the specs clearly state 28 pounds ??
Not only that, but I know this mount without photography, just viewing will carry in excess of 70 pounds..


Kevin Rea

Lancaster, Calif.


Chuck McKowen
Bortle 3 Mangham/Monroe, La

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Astromania 60mm/ sgcmos
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Canon eos rebel t5 modified
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