Re: Polar alignment through main scope #iEXOS-100 #alignment #sharpcap

FishWithFeet <jeff.paules@...>

I just thought I'd close the loop.  I posted this photo elsewhere on the forum, however I did want to say that the PA through SharpCap allow this photo of 80 stacked 30 sec. Exposures unguided.

I also aligned without the Azimuth adjuster in under 2mins, but I'm not sure this technique is best for the longevity of the equipment.

Same setup, 200 1/3rd iso 1600 photos, folder monitor camera.
In ShapCap polar align, dial in Altitude.  Then as per the SharpCap process your Right Ascension is parallel to the ground.  Using the counterweight bar I find that I can make fine adjustments with a little huge forward or back to get it "left" or "right"

During the capture process the mount fell out of alignment a few times (noticed by trails) I was able to also use this technique between exposures to counteract the drift.

I still think the AZ fine adjusters are the way to go, but I ran into an issue where I ordered mine from Andromeda to get free shipping.  The sell the old version of the part that does not have the pieces needed to use with the iEXOS stock mount.  If you do decide to buy this, buy from Explore Scientific direct.

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