Re: Polar alignment through main scope #iEXOS-100 #alignment #sharpcap

Jeff Paules <jeff.paules@...>

Skull HQX

I really do appreciate the feedback, and given the forum rules I wouldn't mind going into more detail with you in another space.

Regarding elaborating I'll do my best:

1.       Set-up and level the tripod & snug tight your mount to tripod know (located under the tripod middle)

a.       Not to be too insulting, but I messed this up.  Please check to make sure your bubble level works, if not find a fix.  Mine was way off.

2.       Attach and balance camera w/ lens

a.       Balance RA

b.       Balance Dec

3.       Attach your camera to your imaging software

a.       Power on

b.       Connect cable

c.       Connect button in software

4.       Start an imaging plan

a.       200 frames

b.       Iso 6400

c.       Pause 2 sec.

d.       Same images to a folder you know, make sure it’s empty

5.       Open SharpCap

a.       Choose folder monitor camera

                                                                                       i.      Select the folder you pointed your imaging software to

                                                                                     ii.      Press play

6.       Start up Polar Align

a.       Follow the Tutorial

                                                                                       i.      Solve home position – next

                                                                                     ii.      Solve 90D Dec turn – Next

                                                                                   iii.      Adjust to the SharpCap Numbers

7.       Solving to SharpCap numbers

a.       Use the altitude knob to zero in the up / down number in SharpCap

                                                                                       i.      Once your within 00:00:XX where xx is any number & you’re good

b.       This is the part I’m not sure I’m a huge fan of – To zero in the left Right in SharpCap with your thumb and finger grab the tip of your counterweight bar and push the bar forward for “right” and pull backwards for “left”

                                                                                       i.      This will pivot the mount on the Azimuth axis, but since you are extended so far out of the center of rotation you are able to make really fine adjustments quickly.

                                                                                     ii.      This will add torque to the counterweight bar and possibly loosen the bars connection to the axis over time.  Not sure, but likely.

c.       Do this till your Left right reads 00:00:XX were XX is any number, and you should now have an “Excellent” polar alignment in SharpCap


Using this method I’m able to get an excellent polar alignment in SharpCap in under 70 frames or (.333+2)*70=163.31 secs. Or 2.72 minutes.


Since Orion was just nearly directly above me I was able to use this grab the counterweight bar tip adjustment to do drift alignment corrections on the fly when I noticed a few frames in a row with identical trails.


Does that clarify.


And again, thanks for the photo feedback.  Quickly, as for the color you’re right.  I initially balanced my blacks by choosing a black point for reference and getting each the R, G, and B to all read the same numbers.  Ensuring the sky is black, and thus the image is color corrected.  But then while “juicing” saturation things got wonky and I edited it on the fly.  I’ll review my process to correct this error. 

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