Re: Polar alignment through main scope #iEXOS-100 #alignment #sharpcap


I'm curious if somebody tried to plate solving with guide scope and SharpCap? I believe SharpCap can use Astrotortilla for it.

On Sat, Feb 1, 2020 at 10:48 AM, Tommy
<darko7411@...> wrote:
Hello everyone,

I have a newbie question. I am picking up a ZWO asi120mc-s camera that I was going to use on my 50mm Orion guide scope to polar align with Sharpcap. My question is, can I just use this on my main scope to polar align and use it to image as well? Or will the polar alignment only work on my guide scope? I have the iexos-100 Mount and a Astro tech 60ed scope. I also use a Nikon d5600 for imaging. Thanks in advance for the advice.


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