Exos-2gt pmc8 mount alignment

Kevin Rea <reakevinscott@...>

Hi guys,
I am coming from a Celestron 4SE, so I'm used to getting it aligned before I can go and Chase planets.
But now I have Celestron C8 mounted on my new exos-2gt mount.
So am I to understand that before I go chasing objects, I should do the polar alignment, and then a two or three star alignment?
Is this the correct procedure before I go photographing objects?
When using the 4SE, the handheld computer remote,  it takes you first to polar alignment, and once you have done that you press the button and it takes you to the two or three star alignment.
Then as you go through each step you press the button and it takes to The next step until you are finally completed and it says successful.
On Howthe new EXOS-2 GT mount,  do you know that each step is successful?

Kevin Rea
Lancaster, California USA

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