Re: Exos-2gt pmc8 mount alignment

Wes Mcdonald


Oh boy.

If you want to do serious astro you are going to want to go serial ascom.  But if you want to use  explorestars:
1.  You should polar align.  This will help with star drift as the explorestars alignment is virtual only not physical

2.  You should read and execute my procedure posted in the files section of either mounts or main that describes how to find polar home.  Do this.

3.  Set the scope to polar home after polar aligning and start everything.

4.  Now just goto  a star and perform a sync.  At that point the go-to accuracy should be pretty good.  

5.  Now go-to and make sure the explorestars mode is "T"

But I must warn you that unless you guide with that C8 focal length you are going to have some lousy stars, as the PE is in the order of 15 arc seconds ok to pk.

You could also go ahead and refine your go-to by doing a virtual alignment after a physical.

More as questions arise.


Wes, Southport NC
PMC-8, ES ED 127, 10" LX200GPS, Astro-Tech 8" Newt, ETX-90
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