Re: Home Position Alignment #EXOS2 #polaralignment

Jim McKee

Here is what worked for me.


Align the EXOS2 using the factory marks on RA and DEC


After good polar alignment.  I used APT or NINA, to go to the first target.  I then platesolve and center the target. Sync the mount.  The next slew always had the next target in the frame and platesolving was quick from there.


Park the mount. For me, the RA was offset just a little bit from the factory marks.


Using retroreflective tape, I cut two sets of small triangles (one for RA and one for DEC) which I placed on the RA an DEC in easy to see places.  The points of each triangle pointed to each other and represented the adjusted “home” position of the mount after the slew and syncs.


The reflective tape is easy to see, and can be removed and replaced if something in the home position changes (my mount never changed).


Now when the mount is set up, and is aligned to the recalibrated home positions,  all first goto slews have the target in frame.


Scope:        Orion EON 115mm APO
:      ES EXOS2-GT w/ PMC-8
Cameras:   ZWO ASI 071MC Pro, Canon 6D Mk 2, Canon 7D2,  EOS 60D Asto Modified
          Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II
Misc:          TELRAD, ZWO ASI120MM Guide Camera, Astromania 60mm Guidescope, Senso Sesto Focus Motor
Software:   EXPLORESTARS IOS & WIN, Stellarium. NINA,  APT, DSS, PixInsight, Photoshop CC
Computer:  Dell Latitude E5450, Windows 10

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