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This will depend on the capability of such a converter. 

I’ve tested with a big powerbank that has a 9 and 12V output option and that seemed to work. On average the power draw was about 5W nominal if I remember correctly.

I’ve also tested with a couple smaller powerbanks and two larger ones, that only have USB out and plugged in a ‘standard’ USB to 12V adapter cable. For some of those powerbanks it would boot the mount and WiFi could be connected. For some that even didn’t work. Working the mount proved unstable or impossible. 

So the only real option would be a good quality powerbank that has a 12V output that can provide enough (peak) power.

Be aware your cable needs to have the correct polarity at the mount. I’m not sure if the mount has a robust reverse polarity protection but you don’t want to find out the hard way!

Clear skies.

Op za 8 feb. 2020 om 12:07 schreef <johntolliday433m@...>

I see this thread dates back to November but wanted to make a suggestion / query:
Lithium batteries are affordable (compared to LiFePO4) and small enough to carry onto an aircraft (thinking - solar eclipse trip).
The problem is that they discharge reducing their output voltage. My TalentCell 6000mAh is down to 10.4V at 50% charge.
Here is a suggestion: Use a Buck Boost converter. These cost around £12 GBP on Amazon plus a small project box to put it in.
My question is whether the EXOS-100 PMC-Eight mount is compatible with these converters as they control the voltage by Pulse Wave Modulation.
Does anyone know?? 

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