Re: PMC-Eight for other mounts?

Wes Mcdonald


You change the number of pulses per revolution in the app and I think in the ascom driver too....

Why would you buy a exos2-gt and put stepper motors on it and then try to purchase a PMC and interface it etc, when you can purchase the exos2-gt PMC8 as a package?  Btw I don't think ES has or sells PMC8 controllers stand-alone.

Tell you what.  If you want to build something sweet, get yourself an exos2-gt PMC8 and build you and me the spring loaded worm modification I have designed?  With that we can reduce the backlash to about zip and probably reduce the PE also.  You could source kits for the community.  The idea is you modify the existing worm block and machine two slides.  The springs and things come from McMaster Carr.  It's a snap.  If you have a mill.

You should probably go private on this if you are interested.  


Wes, Southport NC
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