iEXOS-100 WiFi to Serial Question

Jed Orme <jedtorme@...>

Hello Kent,

As you may recall, I recently purchased this mount & plan to use it primarily for astro photography rather than viewing with my WO Z61 telescope & attached ZWO mini guide scope & camera.  I plan also to use SharpCap for polar alignment.  I currently have it set up with a WiFi connection to my PC laptop to use ExploreStars, & have been experimenting with 2 & 3 star virtual alignments also.  But I understand that I can’t use the ExploreStars when doing long exposure astro photography due to field rotation errors, so I have downloaded Cartes du Ciel & the ASCOM driver for it to use for astrophotography work.  

Now I need to switch to using a serial connection instead of WiFi with my PC laptop, & also have downloaded your “ExploreScientific PMC-Eight Application Note PMC8-AN003 DOC-ESPMC8-AN003 Rev. 0.1 2019 January 12” six page documentation that explains how this must be done.  But based on its complexity, it looks like you need to be a computer programmer or engineer to accomplish this.  Is there some kind of video tutorial or anything else that the average person might be able to use to help with this?  I am planning on attending a star party event this weekend, but I am not going to attempt to make this change to using a serial connection with the USB A to Mini B cord that I bought to use for this until I can better understand how it is done.  What can you suggest please?

Jed Orme

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