Re: Counter Weights #EXOS2

Skull HQX

On Sun, Feb 9, 2020 at 06:42 AM, Timothy Myers wrote:
Weights have different opening diameters at the two ends. One end is a smaller hole and goes over the balance rod. T
Are these the weights that came with your EXOS-2GT? They look like my Celestron AS-GT mount weights that weigh something like 5.3 Kg.
The smaller hole those weights have is about 20.1mm large and the larger hole about 24.4mm I think. I'm guessing your EXOS-2GT mount has a 20mm counterweight rod. 
So if there is a of bit machining burr I'd say get a small round file and remove those burrs. 

Be aware some weights have a screw and a loose smooth pin at the end. The pin is longer than the hole is wide and is inserted in the screw-hole before the retainer screw is turned in. It is possible you unscrewed the weight retaining screw (of the weight, not the mount's rod) but didn't allow for the smooth pin to drop back in the hole and it is now blocking the hole. I think the reason for this design is the screw's end isn't machined neatly and those pins are, and sometimes have a grippy tip. However, I'm not sure your weights are like that.

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