Re: Bluetooth joystick with Explore Stars app? #ExploreStars

Chris Bourque

Hi folks!

I just wanted to check in on this topic, in case there was any development in terms of app support for external controllers?

But, I also had a thought. Would it actually make more sense to simply (maybe not so simple) adapt the Explore Stars app to also be compatible with Smartphones? I've seen this requested by other customers before, and think there could be multiple advantages with this. Obviously the scaling and general format of the app would need to change in order to fit the smaller screen sizes. However, In doing this, we'd actually be addressing several ideas mentioned by customers already:

i. explore stars would now work with smartphones (I think ES may already be working on this?)

ii. the phone itself could then serve as a better external controller, as this is something not easily achieved with the bulkier, large screen tablets (there is just too much screen real estate housing a myriad of other buttons which muddys up the screen, and makes slewing the mount difficult when looking through the scope). A dedicated, more streamlined soft-controller within the phone app would actually work well as an external controller. For example, a dedicated screen within the app could simply display a set of large arrows without any other buttons nearby to get pressed by accident when not looking at the screen.

iii. when working in extreme cold, you can pop a phone in your pocket to warm up much easier than a tablet

Just a few thoughts! Hope there are some cool developments in the works for the app either way!
Many thanks

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