Re: 350 Members Strong!! #ExploreScientific

Jeff Johnson

I’ve been reading the entries in this forum for several months now and trying to quietly absorb the information given. I have found that Explore Scientific through Jerry and Kent have set the bar very high for other vendors/manufacturers with their level of support and commitment to those of us who buy and use ES products. The communications I’ve been following from ES are indeed rare from what I’ve seen. I own some ES equipment including an EXOS2-PMC8 that has been doing “basement” astronomy for far too long due to health issues and the complete absence of clear skies and now it’s time for me to speak up and second what Skull said recently and that Jerry, Kent, as well as Wes, Bob, and all of the other members who contribute to help beginners like me. It’s great to see the count reach 350 and the info flowing. Awesome! Thanks and CLEAR skies!

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