Re: 350 Members Strong!! #ExploreScientific

Omar Rahman

That's great to hear. I second what Jeff said. Jerry, Kent, and the regular forum helpers (we all know who they are) have been great and patient in answering questions and giving suggestions, from basic stuff to technical advice. 

Looking forward to more fun (and challenging) days ahead!



ES ED102
:      ES EXOS2-PMC-8, SkyWatcher Star Adventurer
Cameras:   Nikon D7500, Nikon D750
          Nikon 200-500mm, Tamron 70-200mm G2, Nikon 120mm manual lens
Misc:          ZWO ASI120Mini Guide Camera, ZWO 30mm mini guidescope, Stellarmate, Asiair
Software:  Kstars, SkySafari, ExploreStars (android), Pixinsight, DeepSkyStacker, Regim, Astrostakkert, LR/PS, RNC-color-stretch
Computer:  Macbook, Surface Pro 4, iPhone, Fire 7

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